Aebi T-Traction




The torsen for unlimited traction


The hydrostatic Aebi Terratrac middle and top-class models have featured the torsen centre differential as standard equipment since the start of production in 2003. The torsen differential ensures automatic and continuous torque distribution to all four wheels. This protects drive components as well as tyres, and even more importantly, the ground. The locking effect of the torsen differential actively prevents the individual wheels from slipping, based on the self-locking mechanism of its worm drive. Due to its design, the Torsen can only provide a locking function when there is a minimum output torque per axle.


In extreme situations such as steep slopes and difficult ground conditions and a simultaneous heavy load on the front or rear of the Aebi Terratrac with no appropriate counterweight, this minimum output torque might no longer be available. This is when the «T-Traction» is activated! The push of a button on the membrane keyboard is sufficient to prevent the front or rear wheels from slipping by means of the multiple-disc clutch downstream of the torsen centre differential. This guarantees perfect traction in challenging situations while retaining all the time-tested benefits of the torsen differential.


The Terratrac Aebi TT240 of Peter Moor, farmer in St. Stephan, Switzerland, has already been equipped with the «T-Traction» for the endurance test prior to the series production. His practical experience is convincing: “My mountain pastures are extremely steep in many places. I use my Terratrac Aebi TT240 and the drag hose to distribute the liquid manure even on tricky sections. As soon as the hose is wound off the front winch, the required front counterweight is no longer available. The «T-Traction» does a perfect job in this less than ideal situation and reliably prevents the strongly unloaded front wheels from slipping even on challenging terrain. In addition, the user-friendly operation at the push of a button on the membrane keyboard is simply perfect”, says Peter Moor and adds: “I consider the «T-Traction» to be a really good and useful option for everyone often facing such extreme situations in everyday work”.


The «T-Traction» (patent pending) is available as an option or add-on for the hydrostatic models Terratrac Aebi TT220 / TT240 / TT270 / TT275 / TT280.


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