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Crawler Undercarriages


The multi-functional Aebi Terratrac implement carriers for steep slopes are built such that they are lightweight and they are excellently suited to uses in extremely steep slopes, on sensitive surfaces or on soils that are only load-baring under certain conditions in wetlands.

Crawler undercarriages mounted on the Aebi Terratrac raise the excellent driving properties to a next level. No matter if used on snow or in wetlands - the large contact area oft he crawlers ensure safe progress where vehicles with wheels reach their performance limits.

The ground clearance of the Terratrac increases considerably by mounting the crawler undercarriages. This ground clearance ensures that when used in marshy land, the machine does not sit evenly and then even remains stuck when the crawlers sink slightly. In addition, the crab steering can also be optimally used, as the crawler undercarriages of the front and rear axles run in their own tracks and therefore alleviate the danger of sinking.

But the large contact surface of the crawlers brings the biggest benefit, as the soil pressure drops markedly and therefore preserves the terrain. Equipped in this way, the Terratrac processes wetlands with ease and competence.

In the snow, cross-country ski runs and sledging paths in tourism areas can be maintained with appropriate front and rear attachments.Thanks to rubber tracks and all-wheel steering the Terratrac moves around easily on sensitive surfaces like prepared slopes without any negative impacts on the underground. All-wheel and crab steering are best suited to practical use, because the steer angle and the direction of the front and rear crawler undercarriages match.

The Terra tyres can be changed to the crawler undercarriages in around just one hour. The time requirement is therefore very low and the Terratrac can be used in a versatile manner around the year, alternately with wheels, too.


With additional specialist equipment the Aebi Terratrac with crawler undercarriages becomes even more versatile. An overhead winch not only improves the security of the driver and it’s machine in extremely steep positions but also enables to work on slopes which haven’t been accessible so far - like green areas with steep declivity in mountainous regions or particularly steep ski slopes. The specially developed winch contains 500 meters of working rope and operates with a traction force up to 4 tons. Furthermore, the 360° rotatable swivel arm enables flexible working at the slope. The Aebi Terratrac with crawler undercarriages and overhead winches has already been successfully used at the Ski World Cup in Adelboden, at the Lauberhorn in Wengen or in Montana. You can find a more detailed report here.


But also material or passenger transportations are possible with special equipment. The Aebi Terratrac transports skiers and their material with a sledge for 6 persons for example. Furthermore, the Aebi Terratrac with crawlers features a high load capacity if used for material transportation.


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