ASH Original Spare Parts

ASH Original Spare Parts

Over 5000 spare parts permanently reduced

We keep our service standard high - and our prices low


With effect from the 1st April 2016, we have reduced the prices of over 5000 ASH original spare parts permanently.

Due to improved purchasing conditions and intelligent synergies with our partners, we are pleased to be able to offer you advantageous pricing on a full range of ASH original spare parts.


Why buy ASH Original Spare Parts?

  • Many of the spare parts include our longtime know-how or individual adjustments for our products.

  • With ASH you can get all needed parts from one single source. From screws to wind shields, from filters to pumps with a high degree of availability. This means less effort and faster results for you.

  • The use of ASH original spare parts guarantees optimal performance of the machine.

  • ASH original spare parts meet all current legislations ensuring maximum quality and safety.



Did you know that…

every day approximately 300 deliveries are shipped directly from our Logistics Center in Laatzen near Hannover to our customers.


98% of orders placed are shipped worldwide within 24 hours to our customers.


we can accommodate your shipping requirements, from standard to express, you decide how fast your delivery should be.


in "peak winter season" more than 500 orders are processed per day and our employees work in a three-shift operation to ensure we meet your needs.


customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction goes hand in hand, our dedicated team receive continuous training to ensure we offer you a world class service.


Time to save money and feed your piggy bank! Our service team will keep you fully informed about our offers and how you can benefit from ASH original parts.